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Application for Beacons summer workshops is now open!

May 1, 2022 - The online application for PathFinder's summer workshops is now open for sign-ups! Beacons offers 16 workshops during the month of July to give participants an opportunity to explore vocational skills for either community or self-employment. Each workshop is eight hours long over a 4-day span so that participants can try different skills to help them find an employment pathway of interest. (Schedules are posted below.)

Participants often share how when they were in school they did not have much time for vocational exploration based on their interests. Either there were no classes that taught the area they were interested in, or they were placed in classes because there was room in the class instead of an interest in the class.

PathFinder's summer program is intended to provide vocational exploration in a wide variety of areas to help participants build and learn skills in areas of their choosing. Workshops fill up fast and offer a fun distraction during the summer months when postsecondary options for adults with intellectual disabilities are scarce.

Funding for up to four workshops is available through the San Diego Regional Center for eligible SDRC consumers (e.g. those who have exited their school districts due to aging out or the earning of a diploma). Individuals who do not have access to funding through the SDRC or self-determination may pay for workshops through private pay.

Learn more by visiting the Beacons Summer Pathfinder website, or email:


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