Here are some answers to common questions, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have more!

  • What is Beacons?
    Beacons, Inc. is CA nonprofit public benefit corporation founded in 2018 to provide training, activities and services to help adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities increase independence in the areas of Community Access, Education, Employment, Health & Fitness, Housing and Self Advocacy. Options currently available through Beacons, Inc. include:
    Consultation services and planning (for postsecondary transitions, and IEP/ITP preparation),
    Club Beacons (community based social club),
    Leadership Council (self advocacy leadership forum), 
    Beacons Pathfinder Program (workforce and job training workshops),
    NEW! Parent training Workshops (e.g. IEP & IPP Planning, Postsecondary Planning, etc.), and
     6. NEW! Tailored Day Support and Services (1:1 customized specialty services to help support development in one or more domains including employment, education, advocacy, community integration and/or person-centered-planning).

  • Is Beacons, Inc. a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization?
     We are a tax exempt California based public benefit corporation so please feel free to donate! Every bit helps!


  • Are we a school?
    No. Beacons, Inc. is not an educational institution under the CA Education Code or the Donahoe Higher Education Act. We do not provide traditional classes or instruction under either of these educational Acts. We provide social activities in the community at our site through
    Club Beacons, self-advocacy opportunities and training through our Leadership Council, and small ratio training workshops through our Beacons Pathfinder Program to provide training, information and exploration to increase independence and workforce related skills. We also provide 1:1 training to help strengthen skills in advocacy, community integration, education, employment and person-centered-planning (Tailored Day Services).

  • Are you a vendor of the San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) or the Department of Rehabilitation? Yes!
    We are a vendor of the SDRC and provide parent training workshops, vocational workshops and our 1:1 Tailored Day support and training services. Please speak to your services coordinator to request an addendum to the IPP to secure a purchase of service for a vocational workshop, Tailored Day service or parent workshop. 

  • Who runs Beacons, Inc.?
    Our nonprofit is currently run by volunteers. All funding received is used directly for our programming and our instructional staff. Our Board of Directors consists solely of parents of loved ones with disabilities who use their professional backgrounds and passion to provide leadership for the nonprofit. Board decisions about programming and activities are guided by the Beacons Leadership Council and input provided via our input forms available on both our Leadership Council and Club Beacons web pages. We also launched an Advisory Council to help provide additional guidance and support. Our Pathfinder Workshops have paid instructors, who are supervised by our Programming and Hiring Chairs.

  • Why did you select your current location?
    Beacons, Inc. selected its 6150 Yarrow Drive location in Carlsbad because it is in the heart of the business community, within a short walking distance to local restaurants and other community amenities, and accessible via public transportation. Our site committee liked the space because it offers a casual open setting, has an internal bathroom and kitchen area, windowed walls to enable participants and visitors to view activities from another room, and the availability of a designated parking space for handicapped parking by its entrance.


  • How Accessible is Beacons, Inc. in terms of transportation?
    There are two bus stops nearby (one on Yarrow Drive and another on Palomar Airport Road) for Route 445 (commuter buses), which not only enables people to use buses to get to Beacons, Inc., but also enables individuals to use North County Transit Department’s Lift service to go curb-to-curb because our site is within ¾ miles of the bus stops. A parking space designated for handicapped parking is located right outside our door (and a second designated spot is just a few parking spaces away) for parking and/or drop off. Our building parking lot has two exits so that visitors can easily drop off participants at our door, and continue driving to exit without having to turn around to exit.


  • Do people with ID/DD have a “say” in what goes on at Beacons?
     Leadership Council is an option to those who want to get more involved and provide ideas on what programs, activities and options are offered at Beacons. LC meetings are held once a month at 6 pm before our Saturday Club Beacons events. LC members follow their own agenda, create minutes, discuss issues of interest to the Leadership Council and provide direction to our Board via presentations to the Board or written input to drive the Board’s discussions and planning. The Board also seeks guidance from the Leadership Council when issues or questions arise (such as should we call our training sessions classes, workshops or something else - LC chose “workshops” which is why we call our instructional activities “workshops”). There are also links on our Club Beacons and Leadership Council pages to enable interested individuals to provide written feedback through an online form.

  • Are your board meetings open to the public?
    We offer many options for input and access.
    For individuals with disabilities, please consider joining our Leadership Council.
    For parents or community members, we have an Advisory Council consisting of individuals from the community at large to help guide the Board and who want to be more involved with shaping the nonprofit. Any Advisory Council member may attend our Board of Director meetings.

    If you are a member of the public-at-large and wish to attend our general board meetings, please consider joining our Advisory Council or contact us via email by clicking here. Individuals interested in learning more or in getting involved are also encouraged to volunteer at one of our events or attend one of our “Volunteer Open Houses” to learn of our volunteer needs and options!


  • Do you perform background checks on your staff?
    Persons hired by Beacons must successfully undergo a LiveScan background check and TB test as a condition of employment. Our Board members also submit to LiveScan checks due to the degree of their involvement and volunteers efforts.

To learn more about our vision and mission, click here. Thank you for your interest!

Beacons, Inc. is a California 501(c)(3) tax exempt public benefit corporation.
EIN #82-5388073

Physical Address:

6150 Yarrow Drive, Suite E

Carlsbad, CA 92011

Contact Emails 

General: BeaconsNorthCounty@gmail.com
Club Beacons: Club@BeaconsNorthCounty.com
Pathfinder Workshops: Pathfinder@BeaconsNorthCounty.com

Tailored Day: TailoredDay@BeaconsNorthCounty.com



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