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Beacons' newest division provides an artistic space where artists with developmental disabilities can work with artists without disabilities to further develop their art, knowledge of technical skills and new techniques, try new and/or adapted tools that may optimize their skills, and explore other mediums and projects to connect with art and the community

at large.

The program uses curriculum that targets

specific skills and activities aligned with each

consumer’s IPP and ISP goals.

Hours: 9:30-2:00, up to 5 days a week, with a minimum of 2 days

Term: 1 year (IPP team may decide additional time)


Artist/Instructor ratio: 3:1

San Diego Regional Center vendor information:
Vendor #: PY3085, Code: 094

Summer Break: June 27- July 29

Accepting Applications!

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Interested in Studio Beacons? Do you love to make art? Do you want to learn more about the artistic elements and design principles? Do you want to try to sell your art? 

Fill out our interest form!


Please start by reviewing our entrance criteria to see if Studio Beacons is a good fit for your applicant.

     1. Interest List: . If you are interested in applying for Studio Beacons please let us know by filling out our Interest  Form. A Studio Beacons staff member will contact you for an interest interview to discuss current availability and Studio Beacons' program requirements. 


     2. Application/SDRC (or Independent Facilitators) follow-up:  After the interest interview, if it determined that the applicant is a good fit for the program, you will be sent the Studio Beacons' application. You will also need to contact your service coordinator to have their IPP and CDER sent. Note: In order to meet the requirements for Studio Beacons, it is necessary for the applicant to have a vocational or creative expression goal in their IPP.


    3. Screening/Intake Meeting: After the application, IPP, and CDER have been received by Beacons, our Studio Beacons team will contact you to set up an intake meeting to meet the applicant and make sure the workshop supports the applicant's IPP goals, and that the applicant is interested in the purpose of Studio Beacons. 

     4. Forms: If accepted into Studio Beacons, the applicant will then need to complete and submit the following:

Steps to Apply

How to Apply

Studio Staff

Andi Woolley 
Director of Studio Beacons

Andi joined Beacons from Job Corps and after serving as the Assistant Director of Explorer, as of 2024 now leads Beacons' newest division Studio Beacons. Andi contributes not only her compassion for others, but also her prior experience as a Title 1 teacher, Job Corps reading instructor and Title 1 Paraprofessional. Andi has her bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies, a UX Design Certificate, and A.A. in Elementary Education. 

Andi supports Beacons as a vocational training instructor, and helps design trainee assessments and lesson plans to enhance learning and measure progress of trainees towards their self-determined goals. Andi has taught a wide range of students for the Fremont County School District and will help Beacons continue to improve its options to meet the growing needs of those Beacons serves.

Miguel Martinez
Lead Instructor - Studio Beacons

Miguel Martinez joins the Beacons team as a Lead Instructor for Studio Beacons. Miguel is currently a Registered Behavioral Technician working with young children with autism and incorporating Behavioral therapy into their daily routines. This has led Miguel to want to continue down a path of empowering individuals with learning deficits, and eventually led to discovering Beacons through a mutual friend’s recommendation.

After visiting one of the coffee carts where trainees and staff had greeted and welcomed Miguel, his interest in the program skyrocketed. His favorite part about working at Beacons is meeting all the trainees. Every trainee is unique, with their own perspectives on life and what they want to do now that they are full grown adults. This creates a very diverse and welcoming environment, something that Miguel is very proud to be a part of.

Miguel’s personal life includes going out hiking and camping, creating digital art as a hobby, and visiting family for the holidays.

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