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Whatever your reason for donating and however you

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1. Monthly Giving: Make a recurring monthly gift throughout the year through our "Donate" button

2. Matching Gifts: Did you know many employers will match all or a part of your donation? Talk to your HR department about what percentage is matched. Typically, after you make a donation, you then get a matching donation form from your HR department to submit to Beacons, Inc. to get Beacons to verify the donation. This form is this submitted back to the designated department for consideration of the matching fund request. Easy! Forms can be screenshot and sent to us, or mailed/emailed to us!

3. Buying or selling real estate? 

The Cheeseman Realty Group will donate 30% of its compensation if you use them for your real estate needs. Contact CRG today to learn more!

Telephone: 760-271-5170 or 858-750-8145.


4. Donations as "gifts": Instead of gifts for an occasion, consider asking people to donate money to Beacons, Inc. through FB or other social media!


5. Add Beacons, Inc. to a will!

6. Consider donation of an item instead of dollars (see our below wish list!)


Ways to Help!

Please contact us if you have questions or would like more details about the items below! 



Refrigerator for Kitchen

A new or gently used fridge would be helpful to

store trainees' lunches and event items.


Outdoor Patio Table and Benches/Chairs

Sometimes our trainees need a little

break. Having somewhere to sit outside

would be great!


A Van

Transportation is a major barrier for

those with developmental disabilities.

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