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Beacons firmly believes that if our jobseekers are given the right training, they are going to be the right trainee for you!

We provide vocational training to help create new first impressions and to breakdown stereotypes based on low expectations. 

Open your doors to us and we'll partner with you to make employment successful for you and our trainee!

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Beacons strives to find talented staff members who are  creative, enthusiastic, playful and out-of-box thinkers.

Note: Working at Beacons requires staff to be proactive,  engaging, seizing opportunities to facilitate between trainees and willing to step in and step up!  If you are that person,  you are welcome to apply!


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Photo of a Beacons trainee applying cashier skills during Friday Coffee Cart

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You are amazing and we know that! Our goal is to help you reach your goals, develop your vision and have a  blast living your life!

If you think you might want

to work, we offer two vocational training options:



Try one and see which one is for you! Just know, we're here for YOU! 

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Hi local employer! Thank you for taking a look at Beacons! We hope you'll join us to help beat the nearly 86% unemployment rate of those with intellectual and other developmental disabilities in San Diego County!


Our team is fun to work with and can help figure out ways to make it a win-win for all involved! There are even state-funded internships to cover employee costs so that all employers need to do is open their worksite and give it a go! Yes! Wages, insurance, worker's comp are all paid through the State's "paid internship program"! (See the flyer in this section about paid internships.) We can provide onsite support if needed to help!

Beacons trainees have a strong work ethic. They come to us because they want to work.


Our trainees learn workplace soft skills, important manners for the workplace, customer service skills, restaurant skills, retail skills, how to work a cash register, how to handle food (& have food handler's licenses), and much more! If someone needs more training, let us know what you need, and we'll do the rest!

Sample success stories:

Bitchin' Sauce - Their team created a special 3-hour shift and provided group training to help our trainees successfully work in their food production department. 

City of Carlsbad - A trainee who completed our office skills workshop is working to help with workers' compensation records.


Home Depot, Sprouts and other businesses have supported our trainees! 

To learn more about how you can be part of the solution, please contact:

Tyler Hershey, Director of Pathfinder

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