Leadership Council  

Leadership Council is for individuals aged 16+ who want to guide decisions at Beacons, Inc. and develop leadership skills generally. Each council meeting uses multiple options for expressive communication to welcome all forms of input.

How does Leadership Council meet?

Leadership Council meets once a month at Beacons on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 6 - 6:30 pm.

What does Leadership Council do?

Leadership Council members learn about what's going on at Beacons, share ideas about what they would like Beacons to do in the future, and to work on leadership skills generally through group activities.

Should you prepare for Leadership Council? Yes!

An "agenda" for each meeting is shared on this webpage. Just click on the "agenda" link underneath the meeting date and the agenda should open up! 

What is an "Agenda"?
An agenda lists the things that will be talked about at the meeting so that people can read it ahead of time and prepare some thoughts if they want for the meeting. Each agenda includes a link to a Google form to submit their thoughts in writing before the meeting if they want to do so.


What are "Minutes"?

After each Leadership Council meeting "minutes" will be posted. Minutes are notes from the meeting so that people know what happened at the meeting.  

Leadership Council is a free event guided by a facilitator to make sure the decisions of Beacons, Inc. are driven by the interests and input of the individuals it serves, and that the participants develop skills to strengthen self-advocacy skills.


Meeting Dates

Council members: please click on the minutes below to request a copy.

January Minutes

February Minutes 

March 14


Effective 3/20:

LC meetings will

be held via zoom.



LC Zoom Mtgs:
Friday, 4/3 at 3 pm

May 9

Agenda posted by 5/6


June 13

Agenda posted by 6/10


We want your input on:

Club Beacons Themes

Workshop Ideas

Club Beacons Activities

Want to develop your skills as a leader or self-advocate?

A weekly leadership training workshop is currently in development that will teach you how to self-advocate, how to do public speaking and present public comments, use technology to share your ideas, develop and advocate positions important to you, share your message with other community leaders if you want, and much more! 

Advocates will work towards an advocacy badge and certificate. Coming in 2020!

If interested, contact us to receive updates!

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