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Planning underway for the annual Beacons fundraiser on November 12th!

Every fall Beacons brings together families and friends to celebrate the accomplishments of the year and raise funds for future programs or ideas. This November 12, 2022, from 5 - 9 pm, Beacons will raise funds to support its capital campaign to help Beacons move to a larger space by February 2025. Board members Mary Backer and Melissa Collins-Porter will co-chair the event, which will include dinner, live band, dancing, and live and silent auctions.

Beacons currently offers vocational training through its PathFinder and Explorer divisions, social recreational opportunities through its Club Beacons, and person-centered planning through its Self-Determination division, but these options typically have waitlists and need more space to operate at full-capacity. The Board has also identified other potential areas in need of future development including a creative arts program, an enterprise program to support "micro-enterprises," more tailored-day options and more. "We have an amazing Board and staff who keep devising new ways to support the interests of those we mentor. We just need more space to bring these ideas to life," said President Lucile Lynch.

Photo of Melanie Landers, Beacons Board Member
Board Member Melanie Landers

The Board also recently added two new Board members Melanie Landers and Ana Venegas, who will contribute their own ideas to continue the growth of Beacons. Melanie has a background in marketing and a strong record of launching new entities to support individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities, earning an "Excellence in Special Education Award from the local 14-school district NCCSE consortium. Ana is a professional photographer whose work has been published in Traveler's Magazine and the OC Register, and who has advocated to build stronger bridges between the community and first responders, as well as more support for micro-enterprises. (For more information please visit the "About Us" webpage).

Photo of Ana Venegas, Beacons Board Member
Board Member Ana Venegas

Last year's fundraiser sold-out and was a huge success thanks to the volunteer efforts of the Beacons Board, staff and community volunteers such as Jennifer Aguirre-Corder, Mary Beyer, as well as volunteers from the National Charity League Surf Cities. Beacons is currently seeking volunteers to help get donations for its silent auction items, and help with decorations. If interested in helping or donating, please contact:

Get your dancing shoes and join Beacons on November 12, 2022, from 5 - 9 pm to help raise funds for the future! Tickets are available for pre-purchase only and must be purchased by November 5, 2022. Visit the Beacons event page for more information.


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