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Beacons is "kindness certified" by Kids for Peace nonprofit.

On July 6th, 2022, the international Kids for Peace organization recognized Beacons, Inc. as a "kindness certified" nonprofit partner. Beacons joins other kindness certified nonprofits such as the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of Carlsbad, the Carlsbad Educational Foundation, and others.

Seal of Kindness Certification seal
Beacons recognized as a "Kindness Certified" nonprofit.

Certified kindness nonprofits must agree to

uphold the culture of kindness within its organization, serve the community with love and compassion, provide volunteer opportunities in which "Kindness Certified Companies" may partake, and be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in good standing. "Kindness Certified Companies" are businesses recognized for being "good to their people, community, planet and world."

Beacons, Inc. provides vocational training and social opportunities to adults with disabilities through its Carlsbad office located just south of the Palomar airport. Since launching its vocational programs in spring of 2019 Beacons has had to expand twice to accommodate the growing interest in its options and is already looking for new space for further expansion.

Beacons trainees at lagoon for beach cleanup.
Beacons trainees work with Bitchin' Sauce to help with lagoon clean up.

Explorer Trainee Akeyba holds tie blanket made for local human society
Explorer trainee Akeyba displays blanket made for the SD Human Society.

"We recognize we would be not be successful without the dedication and contributions of others," said President Lucile Lynch, "so our Beacons team always makes sure we give back to the community as best we can. We very much appreciate the kindness certification by Kids for Peace."

Beacons trainees, volunteers and staff help create websites for individuals with disabilities and nonprofits as part of its creative design workshop for no charge to those in need. Trainees and staff also volunteer their time to help with lagoon and coastal cleanups, thrift stores and animal shelters, to name a few of those supported by Beacons volunteer efforts.

Explorer trainees support Paige's Pantry, a local fresh produce food pantry.

Beacons success and impact has not gone unnoticed. Beacons was recently selected as one of four organizations for the Project Inspire grant from the San Diego Workforce Partnership, has been recognized by local elected officials with commendation certificates, and has twice been recognized as a "Nonprofit of the Year" finalist by the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce despite having been in business for such a short time. For more information about Beacons and its programs, please visit:

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