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Summer Information: 
Beacons offers mini vocational workshops from
June 21* - July 29, 2021 to help individuals aged 16+ with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities explore and develop career readiness skills! Individuals who are able to perform activities and lessons with minimal prompting or assistance, and manage their own self-care,* are encouraged to apply! (For additional criteria, please see Registration Form).


Onsite or Virtual?
Beacons will offer both this summer!
Pick and choose from our Zoom and onsite options! Click on the options below to learn more!

Onsite Workshops (overview)

Zoom Workshops (overview)

Workshop enrollment is on a first-come first-served basis and often have waitlists so please apply early!

Required Forms:

1. Application: Link (for all participants)
2. Covid Waiver form (for onsite participants only): Link

3. Communication and Photo Consent form: Link

Beacons will have morning and afternoon workshops Monday through Thursday. Each workshop is a total of 8 hours of fun!

  AM session: 10 am - 12 pm
  PM session: 1 - 3 pm

*Individuals in need of assistance with self-care should contact Beacons to discuss whether there is room for the individual to attend with a self-provided personal care attendant. The week of 6/21 Beacons hosts an instructional aide training workshop for individuals who have completed our vocational workshops and have expressed an interest in teaching, (By invitation only with potential for part-time summer employment post workshop).

Beacons Summer Schedule
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Beacons Summer Catalog

Costs & Payment Options: 
1. SDRC Consumers: SDRC consumers aged 18+ should contact their service coordinators to determine if they are eligible for SDRC funding of the summer workshops. If so, discuss:

• whether an IPP addendum is needed;
• which 4 workshops should be funded; and 

• when a "purchase of service" can be completed.

Please notify Beacons once workshops have been approved. Thank you! (All materials for workshops are included).

Beacons Vendor Number:
 #PY1700, Code: 102, Subcode: Mini

2. Private Pay: For individuals who are not eligible for SDRC funding and who are paying privately, our Board works hard to fundraise throughout the year to help subsidize workshops to keep them at an affordable cost for those not eligible for SDRC funding. Each 8 hour workshop for 2021 will be $120 per workshop (or $15 per hour for supervised fun). [Some Zoom workshops may have "take home kits" and may have additional charges up to $20.]

Private paying individuals will be invoiced once all materials have been completed and enrollment confirmed.

Deadlines: Registration and schedule changes due by June 11, 2021 (to receive private pay refund).


Workshop size & ratio:

Max: 10 participants per workshop
Min: 5 participants (workshops with less than 5 may be canceled or rescheduled)

Ratios: 10:3, although most may have smaller ratios depending on the workshop. Please read Application form (see above) to learn more about participants in need of 1:1 support.

Questions? Please contact:

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Beacons Summer Catalog
Beacons Summer Catalog

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Table of Contents Summer Catalog
Table of Contents Summer Catalog

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Beacons Summer Catalog
Beacons Summer Catalog

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Sample room set up: Spatially distanced desks with plexiglass protectors, individual sanitation kits, touchscreen yoga chromebooks powered up at each desk, and separate work materials. Outdoor seating is spatially distanced for breaks and other activities. Regular wipe-downs of all high touch surfaces and bathrooms after uses.

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