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Services & Planning

Beacons, Inc. offers a wide array of services to help equip individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families with tools to prepare for the future. These options and services will expand as the needs of our neighbors increase through Self-Determination. If someone needs a mentor or help, let us know! Maybe we can help!

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Parent Training Workshops

Beacons, Inc. offers parent training workshops, potentially at no cost to the participant. SDRC Consumers and their families are entitled to payment for one (1) parent training workshop per the San Diego Regional Center's fiscal year for up to $200 (June 30 - July 1).

The following workshop is currently eligible for SDRC funding:
Postsecondary Planning: All the "write" moves for ITPs and IPPs.
Beacons Vendor #PY2066, Service Code: 102.

Please contact us if you wish to have a workshop in your area or be added to our announcement emails of future workshops.

Private Clients: If interested in attending our workshop or to learn more, please contact us by clicking clicking here.

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Conference Meeting

Tailored Day Services

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Pre-Training for Employment


Our Tailored Day service is a specialized support option where a tailored day specialist works 1:1 with a trainee to support the individual's needs in the workplace, post-secondary educational pursuits, advocacy, person-driven planning and general community integration.


Our specialist is pre-trained before working with the trainee to make sure he/she/they is aware of any safety, behavior or health issues that may impact the provision of services and to make sure the specialist knows how to support the trainee. All Tailored Day staff will begin the service with individualized curriculum in place that contains specific goals and measures progress to make sure progress is being made and goals addressed.  

For more information, please contact:

SDRC Clients: Under the Lanterman Act (§ 4688.21), the client may have several hours a week of 1:1 support funded by the SDRC to help the client learn skills to improve the client's independence and work towards the client's life goals. The possibilities are endless, but common uses of TDSO are support for educational pursuits, job coaching, development of community routines, transportation support, creation and implementation of a community-based fitness routine, and more! Give us your goals and we'll give you 8 hours of highly individualized support. 

SDRC Vendor Information:
Beacons Vendor #HQ1435, Service Code: 510, Subcode: TDSO.

Private Clients: If interested in 1:1 support via private pay, or if you want additional Tailored Day service hours than those funded by the SDRC, please contact us to set up a meeting to discuss private pay options! Click here (

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Onsite Job Coaching

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Action Plans & Consulting

Strengthen transition plans and create tangible goals to realize postsecondary goals. An experienced team will review current IEP, and devise a list of tangible ideas and steps to equip the student with a disability and the individual's team for their next IEP/ITP or SDRC meeting.

Onsite Job Coaching

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Empowerment Tools 

Explore educational, social, workplace and/or community best practices and assistive technology (AT) alternatives to overcome obstacles and increase independence. Try "out of the box" options to help improve sucess at home, work, school and/or community settings. Find what works for you!

Onsite Job Coaching



Business Development

For people wishing to launch or grow their own business, our team can help teach how to create and manage a website, create engaging flyers, help with pricing, develop client lists, use common outreach tools , understand and use "branding," develop client incentives  and more!


It is the policy of the State of California that opportunities for integrated, competitive employment shall be given the highest priority for working age individuals with developmental disabilities regardless of the severity of their disabilities.

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