Services & Planning

Consultations: Work with us to identify and develop tools to increase success! Consultations include review of related materials, at least 2 planning meetings at a coastal North County location of the client's choosing, and creation of an implementation plan. (Cost: Approximately $500, although pricing may vary depending on the project). Click here to contact us to learn more or email 

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School Action Plans


Strengthen transition plans and create tangible goals to realize postsecondary goals. An experienced team will review current IEP, and devise a list of tangible ideas and steps to equip the student with a disability and the individual's team for their next IEP/ITP or SDRC meeting.

Empowerment Tools 


Explore educational, social, workplace and/or community best practices and assistive technology (AT) alternatives to overcome obstacles and increase independence. Try "out of the box" options to help improve sucess at home, work, school and/or community settings. Find what works for you!


Business Development


For people wishing to launch or grow their own business, our team can help teach how to create and manage a website, create engaging flyers, help with pricing, develop client lists, use common outreach tools , understand and use "branding," develop client incentives  and more!

Making it work at work for everyone!


Work with a team to examine potential worksites, identify potential opportunities for customized employment and devise a workplace support plan to build a bridge to employment. Our goal is to work with our trainees to find out what they'd like to try or do, and then approach and train employers to work with them using evidence based practices and tools to foster success!

Plan for what YOU want, to live how you want! 


Facilitated brainstorming and planning with YOUR team to develop pathways and support plans to help you realize your dreams and identify what you need to get to where you want in life. Multi-step planning includes initial planning meeting as well as a follow-up review with your team to make sure the steps identified as needed are being or have been taken.

Live your life as independently as possible!


Whether it's developing transportation plans, identifying tools to increase independence at home, or teaching skills that can be generalized in the community, our team can help identify what is needed to help you do what you want to do. It's your life! Tell us what you want to do and we'll help you figure out a way to do it.


Employment First Policy

WIC Sect. 4869(a)(1)

It is the policy of the State of California that opportunities for integrated, competitive employment shall be given the highest priority for working age individuals with developmental disabilities regardless of the severity of their disabilities.

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