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Club Beacons Committee

You can help by: 

We host fun events twice a month so that people can come together and have fun. We could use your help doing one or more of the following: 

  • Setting up and cleaning up at events

  • Facilitating craft making during Club Beacons

  • Donating craft items

  • Donating decorations  based on the theme

  • Donating food and and help with prep and serve

  • Business donations - spread the word about CB

  • Helping to enlist typical peers ages 16+ to volunteer at our social events!


Chair &. Board Member:
Laura Makings



Community Partnerships Committee

 You can help by: 

Our goal is to get our trainees to work! You can help us by working with local employers to schedule work-site visits for our workshops, developing opportunities for employment and/or paid internships, and working with employers to get copies to training manuals/training videos to use for vocational training in our workshops. 


You can also help us by getting donations for our workshops so that our trainees get a chance to use real workplace tools and materials to train for real jobs with our local employers!


Chair & Board Member:
Stacey Hard



External Outreach Committee 

 You can help by: 

  • We need help collecting emails from the following for our Master Contact List:

    • NPS / Private School

    • Interested families

    • Local businesses & organizations

    • Community Leaders

    • HS Special Ed Teachers & Directors

    • SLPs & OTs

    • Advocate Agencies, Psychiatrists, Developmental Doctors

  • Developing relationships and stories with the media

  • AND…. spreading the word about Beacons on Social Media!


Chair & Board Member:
Karen Rusnak



Fundraising Committee


Fundraising is a critical part of all nonprofits to help keep programs affordable and available. We would love your help developing fundraising ideas and managing fundraising events to support the programming needs at Beacons. Join us!

1. Fall Marketplace:


  • Help getting vendors

  • Helping young adults make items for sale

  • Providing support at the event, set up, clean up

  • Helping our trainees manage their booths and sales

2. "FUNdraisers”
We could use help coming up with fun ideas for parent/family events to raise a little money (e.g. Paint 'n Sip, etc.).

3. Annual Fundraiser
​​Help create and run an annual fundraiser event!


Chair & Board Member:
Mary Backer


Beacons, Inc. is a California 501(c)(3) tax exempt public benefit corporation.
EIN #82-5388073

Physical Address:

6150 Yarrow Drive, Suite E

Carlsbad, CA 92011

Contact Emails 

General: BeaconsNorthCounty@gmail.com
Club Beacons: Club@BeaconsNorthCounty.com
Pathfinder Workshops: Pathfinder@BeaconsNorthCounty.com

Tailored Day: TailoredDay@BeaconsNorthCounty.com



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