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We are looking for help on each of our Committees 

Programming Committee 

 You can help by: 

  • Contacting local employers to schedule work-site visits that complement our workshops and talk to them about paid internship opportunities


  • Helping us identify programming needs, and review (and create) curriculum so that we can provide workshops aligned with our trainees’ dreams and aspirations (and local business community needs)


  • Getting donations for our workshops so that our trainees get a chance to use real workplace tools and materials to prepare for jobs with our local employers!  


Chairs: Lucile Lynch and Janet Schenker


Public Relations Committee 

 You can help by: 

  • We need help collecting emails from the following for our Master Contact List

    • NPS / Private School

    • Interested families

    • Local businesses & organizations

    • Community Leaders

    • HS Special Ed Teachers & Directors

    • SLPs & OTs

    • Advocate Agencies, Psychiatrists, Developmental Doctors

  • We need a Volunteer(s) for Logistics Organizer(s) to Lead & Facilitate all other volunteers

  • AND…. we need your help spreading the word on Social Media!


Chair: Karen Rusnak


Fundraising Committee

You can help by: 

Fundraising is a critical part of all nonprofits to help keep programs affordable and available.

We need help creating and managing these events to support the programming needs at Beacons.

5/4/19: Spring Marketplace:


  • Help get vendors

  • Help young adults make items for sale

  • Provide support at the event, set up, clean up

  • Booth Management/Sales

  • FUNdraisers” - We could use help coming up with some ideas for fun events to raise money. 

    • Annual Fundraiser Dance

      • Help create and run our first big fundraising event to be held in Winter

    • All Abilities Walk/Run

      • Help create and run our first event of this kind


Co-Chair: Mary Turk


Club Beacons Committee

You can help by: 

Event Preparation & Craft Facilitation

  • Set up and clean up at events

  • Facilitate craft making during Club Beacons

  • Donate craft items

  • Donate decorations  based on the theme

  • Donate food and and help with prep and serve

  • Business donations - spread the word about CB

  • Typical Peers ages 16+ welcome to volunteer - PLEASE


Co-Chair: Laura Makings


Leadership Council Committee

You can help by: 

  • Finding public speakers with varied experiences from our community to speak at our

      LC meetings - Business owners, Community leaders, other community members with disabilities


  • Obtaining community contacts to book speaking engagements for our LC members - Chamber of Commerce, city organizations, Lions Club, Woman’s Club of Carlsbad etc.


  • Creating volunteer opportunities for our LC members in community opportunities and activities….work on trail maintenance, beach cleanups, Humane Society & Animal Shelters, plant trees, food pantry, serving food to the homeless.


  • Marketplace - We need volunteers to facilitate functional roles for LC members during

      the event - food server, set up, clean up, greeting at entrance of event, check in


  • Volunteers with specific skill sets and knowledge for Mentorship to LC members

Chairs: Lucile Lynch and Karen Rusnak


Beacons, Inc. is a California 501(c)(3) tax exempt public benefit corporation.
EIN #82-5388073

Physical Address:

6150 Yarrow Drive, Suite E

Carlsbad, CA 92011

Contact Emails 

General: BeaconsNorthCounty@gmail.com
Club Beacons: Club@BeaconsNorthCounty.com
Leadership Council: Leadership@BeaconsNorthCounty.com
Pathfinder Workshops: Pathfinder@BeaconsNorthCounty.com



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