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Beacons family get together at Seaside Beach, Saturday, August 27, 4 - 6 pm

The month of August is a big month for Beacons! Beacons celebrates the return of both the Explorer and PathFinder vocational divisions for the fall, the welcoming of new families, and the return of friends to our growing Beacons community. And, to help reconnect after summer, families have decided to get together this Saturday, August 27, from 4 - 6pm, to meet other families, connect with some members of our staff, and help new participants get to know others! Join us for some fun and the setting sun!

(Note: This is not an "official" Beacons event, but rather an unofficial get together of Beacons families to enjoy one of the last summer weekends before the fall! Also, this is not a "drop off" event as we are near the ocean and each person should have someone with them for safety reasons).

REMINDER: This is a BYOJ (bring your own junk) type of event so come prepared with chairs, food, drinks, towels and whatever other "junk" you may need! We can't wait to see you!

Questions? Please contact

Please note that parking can sometimes be difficult, but our hope is that by starting at 4 pm more spaces will have opened up to make parking easier! See you soon!

Please visit our website for more information on Beacons, Inc. and our available options. Thanks! Hope to see you soon!


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