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Tailored Day

1:1 Coaching and support so that you can spend your day your way!

Tailored Day (or Beacons' 1:1 community integration for self-determination) is a highly customized service that helps individuals lead more independent lives doing what they want with the help of a trained specialist. Specialists work 1:1 with individuals and their families to create individualized service plans ("ISPs") that identify the things the individual wants to do in areas such as:


  • Community Integration (exploring community resources),

  • Education (pursuing vocational and post secondary educational interests),

  • Employment (job coaching, job applications, interviews, job development),

  • Self-Advocacy (learning about rights and opportunities and self-direction),

  • Volunteering (finding opportunities to volunteer based on the individual's interests or helping individuals secure a paid internship),

  • and much more!

SDRC Vendor Information:
Beacons Vendor #HQ1435 
Service Code: 510, Subcode: TDS.

(For self-determination, the community integration code is 331).


How does this work?

1. Application: All individuals submit the Beacons Tailored Day/Community integration application.

2. For Traditional SDRC clients


  • The applicant notifies their SDRC service coordinator of their interest in Beacons Tailored Day services. The SDRC service coordinator then sends Beacons a "Tailored Day Services Individualized Design Form" (also called an "Enclosure B" form) to:

  • To learn more about the applicant's needs and to complete the 1-page Tailored Day "Design Form", our team reviews the application and sets up a brief meeting to discuss the wishes and needs of the applicant. Once the Design Plan is completed, Beacons submits it back to the SDRC to determine the hours needed. [Please note that Tailored Day is no longer limited to 8 hours a week!]

4. For Self-Determination Clients:

Please complete the TD/Self-Determination Services Request Form and send it to TailoredDay@BeaconsNorthCounty.comThis form shares the hourly rate for the 1:1 support service, and is completed to let Beacons know important information to help shape the applicant's support plan and schedule.


5. The ISP: Once approved, Beacons will schedule additional meetings to create an "individual service plan" (ISP), which identifies what the applicant wants to do, where and when.

  • For traditional Tailored Day clients, once the ISP is completed, a meeting is held with the SDRC to approve it and once approved by the SDRC, the fun begins!

  • For self-determination clients, the plan will be approved by the trainee and family.

Who works with the applicant?

Our specialists are pre-trained before working with the trainee to make sure he/she/they is aware of any safety, behavior or health issues that may impact the provision of services and to make sure the specialist knows how to support the trainee. All Beacons' staff will begin the service with an individualized schedule in place that is based on specific goals and measures progress to make sure progress is being made and goals addressed.  

For more information, please contact:

How many hours can a person get?

1) Traditional Services

Under the Lanterman Act (§ 4688.21), for individuals getting services under the Tailored Day program, the client may have several hours a week of 1:1 support funded by the SDRC to help the client learn skills to improve the client's independence and work towards the client's life goals.The good news is that the 8-hour per week limitation was removed in 2022! Now, the applicant works with our Beacons team to determine how many days of support are needed per week and the hours are set by multiplying the number of days by 4 hours, and then multiple by 4 weeks (e.g. days x 16) to determine the hours of 1:1 support! 



3 days of support needed x 4 hours x 4 weeks = 48 hours a month.

5 days of support needed x 4 hours x 4 weeks = 80 hours a month.

2) Self-Determination Program

For Self-Determination clients, hours are governed by the funding available in the individual's spending plan and the goals for the service. Hours of services will vary and be based on the hours and funding available through spending plans.

3) Private Clients and/or Extra Hours

If interested in 1:1 support via private pay, or if you want additional Tailored Day service hours than those funded by the SDRC or available in Self-determination spending plans, please contact us to set up a meeting to discuss private pay options! Click here (

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It is the policy of the State of California that opportunities for integrated, competitive employment shall be given the highest priority for working age individuals with developmental disabilities regardless of the severity of their disabilities.

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