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PLEASE NOTE: We are not accepting new clients at this time.


In 2013, the State of California adopted the Self-Determination program to enable SDRC consumers to use state funding to create their own daily activities and hire staffing teams. This innovative option enables SDRC consumers to strengthen their control over their daily lives by hiring the people they want to work with to do what they want, instead of having to use SDRC vendors and being limited to what the vendors offer. Starting in June 2021, any SDRC consumer can enroll in the Self-Determination program.


To help SDRC consumers figure out how to do this, Beacons has trained Independent Facilitators (funded by the SDRC) to explore the consumer's interests, dreams and needs, and devise a plan to help the consumer implement the steps needed to nurture those interests. Our Beacons team has done countless person-centered plans as part of our PathFinder vocational training workshops. Our independent facilitator team shares their community connections and expertise to guide robust initial person-driven planning for individuals and find staffing. 


Our initial-person centered planning service uses our Beacons "Lighthouse" program to make sure SDRC consumers and their trusted team members have a meaningful, easily understood plan to support the consumer's dreams and goals relating to employment, post-secondary education, advocacy, person-driven planning and general community integration. We can help a little or a lot - it's up to the client!

SDRC Clients: No vendor number is needed to access this service. 

Ages served: Beacons provides person-centered planning services starting with individuals who are within a year of exiting their high school district through graduation or by aging out of an adult transition program.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are not accepting new clients at this time. 

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Interested in Self-Determination? 

Contact us today to attend one of our family and consumer informational meetings!

SelfDetermination Planning

Self-Determination Resources:

Background Checks

Generally required for anyone directly providing a service to a SDRC consumer. WIC § 4685.8.

Basic FAQs (DDS) Link

This is a user-friendly list of questions and answers from the Department of Developmental Services for those exploring self-determination and need answers to common questions.

Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Link

This website gives a broad overview of the history, program itself, and includes links to other informational resources. Included on this site on its "Program Directives & Implementation Tools page is the "Individual's Budget Calculation and Certification Tool" used by regional centers to calculate independent budgets.

Fiscal Management Services (FMS) Rates Link

Lanterman Act (Self-Determination) Link

This section of the Lanterman Act provides information and definitions of key terms (for example, "Financial management services," "Independent Facilitator," etc.).

Role of the Independent Facilitator (SCDD) Link

Information discussing the role and requirements of an independent facilitator.

SDRC list of Independent Facilitators.

SDRC Self-Determination Information Page Link

This is the site of the San Diego Regional Center, which hosts updates and links to important information, informational meeting dates and more.

Service Codes & Descriptions

Traditional Model

Service Codes List
Codes & Descriptions

Self-Determination Model 

DDS List of SD Codes

Service Descriptions

SCDD "Festival of Learning"
6/8/2020: Overview of Self-Determination Principles
8/10/2020: Beacons Starts around the 59: mark (Beacons Facilitator Lucile Lynch presenting)
SDRC informational meetings
Held the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Visit the SDRC website for more information!

If you have already attended a SDRC informational meeting, and wish to go on the DDS self-determination list, please submit the consumer's UCI, DOB, name, and desire to be on the DDS selection list for the selection lottery to the SDRC (note: effective June 2021, anyone can enroll and will not need to go on a list, but will still need to inform the SDRC of the choice to enroll in the Self-Determination program).

Self-Determination Planning

Lead a life of your choosing with the team of your choosing!

Our experienced independent facilitators can help you develop the vision, identify resources and manage the documentation so that you can enjoy this new journey with the team and options you want! We have been doing person-centered planning as part of our PathFinder vocational training workshops and now offer the Beacons Lighthouse person-centered planning for those seeking initial person-centered (person-directed) planning assistance to help launch a highly customized and rewarding self-determination program. 

Beacons Facilitators
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