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The Board is busy with a lot of things, but below are some of the key developments!



  • March:
    Even though we're barely a year old, Beacons is already expanding! Expansion will occur over the month of March. Exciting!

    3/23 - Due to COVID-19 - Beacons will offer its services online instead of onsite.

  • February: 
    SD Voyager Article about two of our founders:
    2/10/2020: "Meet Mary Backer" (President)
    2/10/2020: "Meet Lucile Lynch" (Vice President) 


  • January: 
    Spring Pathfinder workshops to build customer service workforce skills begins.


  • December:
    Beacons launches its person-driven planning program called "Lighthouse." (Beacons is listed on the SDRC's list of options for Self Determination planning as well).

  • November:
    Beacons launches parent training workshops and becomes a SDRC vendor for parent postsecondary training.

  • September:
    Beacons launches its first SDRC funded workforce development workshops with community employment pathways.

  • August:
    Beacons becomes an approved vendor for the San Diego Regional Center to provide vocational workshops, Tailored Day and paid internship support and services. (Thank you SDRC!)

  • July:
    Beacons launches 8 summer workshops created per the input of its Leadership Council Members. 
    The City of Carlsbad's Cultural Arts Foundation supports our 3D workshop with a grant. (Thank you City of Carlsbad)!


  • June:
    Qualcomm awards Beacons a generous grant to update our site technology so that individuals with developmental disabilities have access to current technology. (Thank you Qualcomm!)

  • March:
    Pilot Workshops: Beacons launched a pilot vocational training program on March 12 to teach office skills and soft skills. Summer program to be announced soon! 

  • February:
    The National Charity League - Surf Cities joined our team our team of volunteers. Thank you!
    Plans for Workshops finalized


  • January: 
    1. NFAR Grant awarded to help Beacons launch its person driven "Workforce Planning" workshops!  (Thank you NFAR)
    2. Launched Leadership Council!
    3. Hosted two very fun Club Beacons events "Game On," and "Sports Night". 


  • December:
    We'll be hosting 4 Club Beacons this month! Our last Club Beacons will be a "Winter Holiday Dance" on 12/22.

  • November:
    We finished moving in, launched Club Beacons social club, and hosted our Launch Party on the 30th, 7 - 8:30 pm! 

  • October:
    Moved in on 10/22 and secured our business license!

  • September: 
    Beacons found a home! 6150 Yarrow Drive, Suite E Carlsbad, CA 92011-1534! This location was selected because of its proximity near businesses for potential job pathways, easy access to public transportation, the availability of an on-sight eatery, and numerous other wonderful features. 

  • August:
    Program development begun! Community input survey launched.

  • July:
    501(c)(3) Application Filed!

Beacons, Inc. is a California 501(c)(3) tax exempt public benefit nonprofit.
EIN #82-5388073

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Carlsbad, CA 92011

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