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The Board is busy with a lot of things, but below are some of the key developments!



  • September:
    Beacons launches its first SDRC funded workforce development workshops with community employment pathways.

  • August:
    Beacons becomes an approved vendor for the San Diego Regional Center to provide vocational workshops, Tailored Day and paid internship support and services.

  • July:
    Beacons launches 8 summer workshops created per the input of its Leadership Council Members.

  • June:
    Qualcomm awards Beacons a generous grant to update our site technology so that individuals with developmental disabilities have access to current technology. 

  • March:
    Pilot Workshops: Beacons launched a pilot vocational training program on March 12 to teach office skills and soft skills. Summer program to be announced soon! 

  • February:
    The National Charity League - Surf Cities joined our team our team of volunteers. Thank you!
    Plans for Workshops finalized


  • January: 
    1. NFAR Grant awarded to help Beacons launch its person driven "Workforce Planning" workshops!  
    2. Launched Leadership Council!
    3. Hosted two very fun Club Beacons events "Game On," and "Sports Night". 


  • December:
    We'll be hosting 4 Club Beacons this month! Our last Club Beacons will be a "Winter Holiday Dance" on 12/22.

  • November:
    We finished moving in, launched Club Beacons social club, and hosted our Launch Party on the 30th, 7 - 8:30 pm! 

  • October:
    Moved in on 10/22 and secured our business license!

  • September: 
    Beacons found a home! 6150 Yarrow Drive, Suite E Carlsbad, CA 92011-1534! This location was selected because of its proximity near businesses for potential job pathways, easy access to public transportation, the availability of an on-sight eatery, and numerous other wonderful features. 

  • August:
    Program development begun! Community input survey launched.

  • July:
    501(c)(3) Application Filed!

Beacons, Inc. is a California 501(c)(3) tax exempt public benefit corporation.
EIN #82-5388073

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