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Small group postsecondary workshops to learn vocational skills, such as office and customer service skills!

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Beacons trainees explore assistive technology to create accommodation plans.

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Beacons Photography Workshop
Beacons Photography Workshop

Photographers learn basic tips to improve shots from mobile devices.

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Small group postsecondary workshops to learn vocational skills, such as office and customer service skills!

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Beacons' answer to an enriched day for adults with intellectual disabilities.

See below for program details and application process.


Navigator is an ongoing day program, offered in ten-week sessions to provide a variety of activities and flexibility.

Applications for our spring pilot program are now available
. Program can be SDRC funded, Self-Determination funded, or private pay.

Program days run from 9 am to 2 pm with an extra afternoon hour available at cost.

Participants may choose to attend Monday-Friday (5 days), Tuesday/Thursday (2 days), or Monday/Wednesday/Friday (3 days).

Spring 2022 Dates: January 10 - March 18.



Navigator is designed for individuals with mild to moderate disability, no maladaptive behaviors, and ability to self-care. Individuals who require smaller ratio support, and/or who have medical or other issues that need a smaller ratio or ratio of 1:1 to monitor or assist the participant may not be dropped off without a personal care attendant/respite worker/caregiver. 


Maladaptive Behaviors: Navigator reserves the right to refuse entry to individuals who have shown history of maladaptive behaviors (elopement, disruptive or aggressive  behaviors, self injurious behaviors, behaviors that are likely to injure others) at other Beacons programs, outside of Beacons or who have been convicted of a felony.   Any questions, please contact



Navigator is an enriched Day Program and may not be suitable for all. Participants will need to be able to attend to the content and activities with minimal reminders and must be willing to participate in their chosen activities. Participants will also have to show proof of vaccination. In addition, the following criteria must be met:



Participants must be independent in their self-care skills. If they are unable to independently tend to their self-care, but meet all other criteria, they must be accompanied by a consumer-provided personal care attendant if they wish to participate in the Navigator program.  This must be discussed with the Navigator staff during the intake process.



Beacons programs offer assistive technology and adapted tools to support those with intellectual and physical disabilities, but does not offer medical care or medical assistance onsite for those with medical or mental health challenges. Individuals with medical or mental health needs that require the support of a personal care attendant or who may at times require 1:1 support because of medical or other issues may attend if accompanied by a trained and self-provided personal care attendant authorized to tend to the medical and other needs of the consumer. This must be discussed with the Navigator staff during the intake process.


Instructors do not administer medications, and Beacons does not have emergency response teams in place. If a consumer wishes to provide his/her own trained support, please contact us to discuss.



Consumers with a history of physical aggression resulting in or risking physical injury to others, self-injurious behaviors, uncontrollable cursing, bullying or demeaning behaviors towards others, damage to property, elopement, smearing of feces, displays of inappropriate sexual behavior, defiance and/or behaviors that impede the learning of self or others, or other disruptive or maladaptive behaviors, are not eligible for the Navigator program.  If a consumer does not disclose these or exhibits these during a program, the consumer may be exited from the program for not meeting the entrance criteria.



Consumers must provide their own transportation to and from the program. For possible transportation options other than Lyft, Uber or the bus, please consider:

a. Carpooling,

b. the NCTD Lift program (, 

c. the Ride FACT program (, 

d. Carlsbad Connector program (starting 8/19/19) (,

e. the WAZE carpool organizer, and/or 

f. the SDRC transportation vendorization program (contact SDRC Service Coordinator for information)


When consumers travel during the program day, transportation will be available and included with prior consent.


1. Complete our Forms:

  1. Navigator Application for Spring 2022 Session (January 10 - March 18, 2022)

  2. Communication and Photo Release

  3. Waiver (Including Covid-19)


2. SDRC Consumers:

Please contact your service coordinator to discuss your interest in the Navigator program and the possibility of getting a "purchase of service" (POS)  to fund the day program.  If this program is supported by the IPP goals and/or IPP addendum, the SDRC should submit the POS and send Beacons the following documents to email:


a) a "purchase of service" or POS (vendor# HQ1435, Service Code 510)

b) IPP and any addendums; and

c) the individual's "CDER."


3. Conserved Individuals: 

If an individual is conserved, please email a copy of the Letters of Conservatorship so that Beacons can document the legal status of the participant in case there is an emergency or need for legally binding decisions.

4. Intake meeting:

After these items outlined above have been submitted or received, a Beacons representative will contact you to set up an intake or screening meeting to review the application, admission criteria and materials.



SDRC Clients: Payment will be made through SDRC (via the POS) with the exception of the extra hour offered per day which will be offered through private payment at a rate of $12/day. Beacons will bill for the extra hour/day at the beginning of the 10 week period for the first half of the program and again at the end of week 5 for the remaining 5 weeks of the program.  Please give the SDRC Service Coordinator the following information for billing purposes:

Beacons, Inc.

Navigator Day Program

Vendor # HQ1435, Service Code 510


Additional hour/day by private pay per 10 week session:

5 days = $576

3 days = $336

2 days = $240


Self Determination funding: For those paying through the Self Determination spending plan, your FMS will be invoiced for payment. This must be coordinated and completed prior to the start of the 10 week session.


Private Pay For those paying privately, payment is due before the first day of programming on January 10, 2022 for the first half of the program and again at the end of week 5 for the remaining 5 weeks of the program.


Self Determination and Private Pay Payment amounts:

Monday- Friday Total $3840

Payment 1 $1920 due 1/10/2022

Payment 2 $1920 due 2/14/2022


Mon/Wed/Fri Total $2240

Payment 1 $1120 due 1/10/2022

Payment 2 $1120 due 2/14/2022


Tues/Thurs Total $1600

Payment 1 $800 due 1/10/2022

Payment 2 $800 due 2/14/2022